Canvas Printing

For centuries canvas was used by artists as the surface to paint their art work on and to this day it is the surface of choice for painters who create original artwork. Two technological innovations changed the way in which pictures could be reproduced. For one, the development of digital photography allowed millions of photo enthusiasts to take pictures without having to spend substantial amounts of money on photo prints. Equally important was the rapid development of digital printers which enabled photographers to get their beautiful shots printed in the comfort of their home. Inkjet printers and glossy photo paper allowed for beautiful printout of those precious moments.

good quality canvas roll
Zoomed detail of can vas

The 21st century saw further development in the printing industry and all the main manufacturers of inexpensive inkjet printers began to build printers that could not only print on paper, but also on textiles and in large formats to up to 1.5 meters. The printing quality has become so advanced, particularly on canvas, that the prints offer astounding quality with a 3D feel to it. For this reason, canvas printing has become extremely popular for the reproduction of digitalized photographs. Canvas printing is the ideal choice for clients who are looking for an affordable way to decorate their homes or business venues who want to give their places this special feel and look.

However, these large scale industrial printers are bulky and not cheap and therefore often limited to professional printing companies. The internet has become a portal for photographers to upload their own photographs for printing or the reproduction of pictures from companies who are dedicated to making huge amounts of motifs available as either free or commercial downloads.

Easy Print Bangkok is a portal though which clients can get their work printed and optionally framed. We ‘outsource’ the printing and framing of your picture selection to one of the finest printing and framing companies in Bangkok with years of experience in the business. We can, therefore, guarantee that that the prints are made on the best available canvas (490 micron canvas imported from Europe) and printed by state-of the-art printers. All our frames are expertly crafted. You will be pleased with the results and your satisfaction is totally assured.

Our Frames

Most of the frames available on Easyprint are made of polysterene, a very durable material which can be moulded into many differnet forms. The material has a distinct wooden feel to it and is indeed hard to distinguish from its wooden counterparts when hung on a wall. Yet, it is just half the price of real wooden frames. It is for this reason that is has become the most popular choice in the frame making industy and for costomers who are looking for quality, beauty, and affordabily.

Print Sizes - Size does matter – to a degree!

Some years ago, manufacturers of digital cameras of all kind wanted to lure customers to buy their cameras by offering ever-larger MP counts. And although a high megapixel cameras produces great shots, the number of megapixels is not the end-all and be-all. As a matter of fact, megapixel counts on the latest incarnations of cameras o mobile phones are shrinking. 12 megapixels has become the standard for most high-end phones, but they use different technologies to make sure that your shot is of the best quality. The same is true for most good point-and-shoot cameras or high-end dSLR shooters.

Having said that, not all pictures are suitable for large scale printing. What looks great on your 4 x 6” (10.16 x 15.24 cm) printout at home may look grainy and pixilated on a larger print. As a rule of thumb, the larger the original picture size (usually measured in pixels, or picture resolution), the more likely is a great result on a larger print. The stock pictures you will find in our gallery are in most cases suitable for up to A 2 (16.5 x 23.4” = 29.7 x 42.0 cm) printing. If you upload you pictures, the up-loadable size is limited to 10 MB per picture which allows for high-resolution pictures and thus beautiful prints.

good photo for canvas

Files come in different formats. The most commonly used file types are: *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png,, or *.tiff. We prefer an upload as a *.jpg or *.jpeg file as this makes sure that quality of your print will satisfy your expectations. If your picture is in a different format, please convert it before your upload.

Most digital cameras safe your pictures in *.jpg format. This is a high compression format which allows for high resolution and pixel density. If you have set your camera to a high pixel number or file size, it is almost guaranteed that your picture is suitable for larger scale printing on canvas.

This picture was taken with a good quality mobile phone camera. From the camera you can obtain enough information to decide if it is suitable for printing:

Resolution: 4032 x 3024 pixels.

But since the camera used the jpg compression, the real size on your camera is only 3.39 MB.

If you upload a picture like this, high quality printing is certain.

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